What an incredible story! You may want to have tissues handy for this one.

A West Michigan pup, missing for more than a month, was recently rescued from a grain silo!

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According to the Kent County Animal Shelter, on Saturday, Feb. 21, their animal control officers got a call about a dog who might be stranded near an old grain elevator in Sand Lake. Folks nearby had heard barking in the area and gone to investigate. The caller believed the dog to be trapped somewhere and contacted Animal Control for help.

When officers arrived, they were met by two caring members of the community, who pointed them in the right direction. It turned out one of them was a former Animal Control Officer!

They were able to locate the dog inside an old bunker-style silo.

Kent County Animal Shelter/ Facebook

To me it looks like it would have been easy for him to fall right in!

The pup was about 10 feet down and due to the smooth walls, he couldn't get back out.

Kent County Animal Shelter/ Facebook

Together, the group was able to loop a long rope around the dog and hoist him to safety.

Lost Paws, LLC, a local pet finder service, was able to track down a posting about a missing dog who looked similar. They reached out the owners... and it was their dog!

The Springer Spaniel's name is Milo and he'd been missing from a town about 20 miles away since January 8, 2021! The last time he'd been spotted was early February, but for the last two weeks, there had been no sightings of him.

Kent County Animal Shelter/ Facebook

The owners rushed to be reunited with their beloved Milo, and Kent County Animal Shelter says many happy, relieved tears were shed:

What all Milo experienced during his journey will never be known. However, we do know he survived frigid temps, snow storms, hunger and dehydration. He lost 33lbs and traveled nearly 20 miles over the past 43 days . What he nor his owners never lost was hope and hope is what finally reunited them.

Great job to the community members and Animal Control Officers who came together to save this dog's life! I'm so glad this story has a happy ending and Milo is safe and back with his family!

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