If you’ve recently been incarcerated and are looking for your second chance when it comes to finding a job, West Michigan Works! Is here to help you out, WOODTV reports.

This week, West Michigan Works! is pre-registering job seekers who were previously convicted and released from jail who are needing to find a job.  Now through Friday, August 21st, job seekers can register to meet with one or more of the 19 employers who are participating in the job fair on August 26th.  You’ll need to pre-register so you can be scheduled for a 15-minute video call with one of the recruiters.  Jobs available, according to West Michigan Works! website, are in the fields of manufacturing, transportation, health care, and a few more.  In all, there are 50 jobs the job fair is looking for help fill, in Kent, Muskegon, and Ionia counties.

Richelle Smith, who works at West Michigan Works! as the assistant manager of Business Solutions in Kent County told WOODTV why the job fair is so important for those who have recently been incarcerated,

“We know that getting that sustainable income and employment definitely is a big factor in helping people not re-offending and really kind of getting back into society. We know that it’s a win, win for both the employers and the individuals.”

WOODTV says that it’s usually under 2% of West Michigan employers that hire people who were incarcerated, according to a 2018 study.

If you’re interested in signing up for the “Second Chance Job Fair”, you can get all the info you need HERE.

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