The votes are in, West Michigan, and now we know once and for all which tattoo artist is your favorite.

After tabulating the over 35,000 votes that came in, we now have our winner.

So, who took the top spot? Billy Joe Meinke of America's Renegade Tattoo Society (ARTS)

According to those who nominated Billy Joe, he not only does amazing work, but his freehand work is second-to-none.

Here's how the Top 10 shook out.

  1. Billy Joe Meinke - America's Renegade Tattoo Society (ARTS)
  2. Amanda Mayville - Anarchy Ink
  3. Jeremy Leopold - Wicked Ways Tattoo (Allendale)
  4. Josh Jett - Brenda Sue's Tattoos
  5. Drew Rogers - Pure Ink
  6. Matt Nelson - Lightning Revival
  7. Lauren Young - The Entity Tattoo Studio
  8. Amy Lee - Gremlin House
  9. Joel Berryhill - Studio Seventeen
  10. Christian North - The Studio

Thanks to everyone who voted and a HUGE congratulations to everyone who was nominated. You really do have a loyal fan base here in West Michigan.

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