Whether you are racing down I-131 or trying to make a trip to the east side of the state, you know that there are plenty of chances to get pulled over for going above the speed limit.

This is not me condoning or suggesting you speed in your vehicle. However, I have always wondered this question.

Does the color of your car make it more likely for you to get pulled over?

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All this time, you have probably thought or been told that the more flashy your car is, the more likely you will get stopped by Michigan police officers.

You may have been told that drivers with more flashy paint jobs more often have to pay higher insurance premiums because of this reason.

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Well, today is the day that you find out that you have been led astray.

The color of your vehicle does not affect your insurance premiums, thankfully! It all comes down to your driving record.

Do you have any moving violations like speeding tickets?

You have probably heard the saying that more red cars get pulled over. Is that true?

Do Drivers of Red Cars in Michigan Get Pulled Over More Often for Speeding?

The quick answer is no, according to the National Motorists Association Blog. Red cars do not get pulled over more. To prove this is a myth, even more, red cars actually came in second place in this study.

So what was the top color?

What Car Color Gets the Most Speeding Tickets in Michigan?

Keep in mind that this particular answer is based on math rather than actual driving habits.

However, in the study previously mentioned, the car color that gets pulled over the most is a white car.



Well, it is simple. There are a lot more white-colored vehicles on the roads these days than any other color.

After white, the car colors that get pulled the most are red, gray, and then silver.

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