Last year the country was torn politically, but one thing we can all agree on, is a weekend of Netflix binge watching every now and then is something we all need! recently took at all the numbers and figured out what series each state binge watches.   10 states along the east coast, southern and straight up the central United States love watching Scandal.  Meanwhile series that take place in certain states tend to win those states over, such as Parks and Rec for Indiana, Portlandia for Oregon and Crazy Ex Girlfriend for California.

Oddly, Making a Murderer didn’t win over Wisconsin, even though the series is based on the case from the state, (Minnesota and Illinois eat that drama up,) instead they enjoy Fuller House!

So what series are Michiganders binge watching?  Orange Is The New Black was the series winner here. Which is kind of weird, it’s the series for us, a few southwestern states and Alaska.  So apparently if you’re really hot or really cold, you like OITNB, go figure.


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