You always hear about what is the best pizza place, but I want to know is what's West Michigan's favorite frozen pizza?

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Last week I worked late every night and I kept craving some pizza. Then finally Thursday night I got out of work so late no pizza places were open, so I stopped by Meijer on the way home and picked me up a pie.

I'm a firm believer there is no bad pizza, just some pizza is better than others. This goes for pizzerias and frozen pizza.

I have been eating Newman's Own frozen pizzas for the last six months and they are pretty good. They are thin, have good toppings, cheese, and sauce are good, but I wanted to try something different.

When it comes to fast food pizza, I have become a pretty big fan of Jet’s, and to be honest, that was what I had been craving all week. When I was cruising the frozen pizza aisle, I started to grab a Newman's Own but then I saw Outsiders Detroit Style frozen pizza. This looked like a Jet’s pizza and I thought why not try it.

The Outsiders turned out to be really good and very close to getting a pizza from a pizzeria. Since I had never heard of Outsiders before, I thought maybe there are some other frozen pizzas that might be good that I have never tried so I asked the question on the GRD Facebook page, what is your favorite frozen pizza.

It's amazing how many different frozen pizza brands that folks in West Michigan like.

Screen Shot WGRD Facebook page

There were a lot of pizzas mentioned on the Facebook thread like Palermo, Tombstone, Jacks, Digorno, Outsiders, Motor City Pizza, Red Baron, and California Pizza Kitchen. Overall it looked like Jacks came out as West Michigan's favorite pizza based on all the people that commented on the post.

Screen Shot WGRD Facebook page

I did discover that many others had tried Outsiders and even gave me a few other flavors to try out.

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