Not going to lie, at first, I wanted to make fun of this because seriously why do we need Golden Girls cereal??  Then I saw that each box comes with a collectible figurine, and now I really want all 4!

The company, FUNKO is making the cereal, according to FOX 17, and when you buy the cereal, not only do you get a collectible “Golden Girls” figurine, you also get a card that says “Thank you for being a friend.”

Fox 17 and Twitter shows the box which has the legendary women drawn cartoon style, but they’re all there.  It also shows the cereal to be turquoise or blue and more like fruit loops.  I guess I kind of thought it would be bran flakes or something.  Also are they blue because older people are called “Blue Hairs” sometimes?

If you want to try the cereal or collect all the figurines, you’ll need to make a Target run soon, because that’s the only place you’ll find the “Golden Girls” cereal.

Although, when I looked online, I didn't find it in stock here in West Michigan, yet.  I hope it's just an oversight on their website because I need to find a box of cereal with Rose in it, stat.

source: Fox 17

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