Worse than a missed layup, more damning than a flubbed extra point, a contestant on Wheel of Fortune made game show history by messing up a puzzle that had only one unsolved letter left...and the answer was one of the most famous plays of all time.

On a recent episode, a contestant named Kevin chipped away at a puzzle until only this was left to solve: "A Streetcar Na_ed Desire." The answer, of course, was A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams' famous 1947 play, but Kevin, who had evidently never heard of it, spun the wheel and shouted — in a moment that was met with near-silence — "K!"

A Streetcar Naked Desire. Nice!

Naturally, the next contestant, Lisa, handily solved the puzzle, and Kevin's error was officially etched into the record books.

“Well, funny little game,” host Pat Sajak said after the mistake. “Although [Lisa] got the right answer, I’d rather see Kevin’s play.”

Twitter users made similarly incredulous jokes:

A Streetcar Named Desire earned Williams the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1948 and spawned three film adaptations, an opera and a ballet. Still, this might be its most unforgettable distinction yet.

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