It’s now official. A Michigan man who acknowledged killing another man and hanging the mutilated body from a ceiling will face life in prison without parole. A judge said Wednesday, October 19th, that the killing was premeditated murder. It was also extremely gruesome and involved cannibalism. Judge Matthew Stewart called it a “crime of cold calculation.” 

Mark Latunski, who has become known as the “Michigan Cannibal Killer”, pleaded guilty in September of 2022 to killing 25-year-old Kevin Bacon.  The men met on the dating app Grindr. The two went to Latunski’s home, where Latunski admitted to cutting Bacon’s throat, and hanging his body from the ceiling rafters before eating him. According to The Daily Beast, prosecutors reminded the jury that he considered purchasing a dehydrator to turn his victim into jerky. 

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Latunski initially was found incompetent to stand trial, but that status changed after mental health treatment. His defense attorney says first-degree murder doesn't fit the case. First-degree murder carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison. 

In February 2020, Latunski’s home in Shiawassee County went up for sale with the minimum bid set at $80,000, the price which was still owed on the house. The home sits back from the road on a wooded hill, just across the street from the Howard Cemetery, and was valued at around $110,000. A silent auction took place at the Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office, but very few bidders took part in the hour-long bidding process. Fox 47 News reported that four bidders took an interest in the home of the gruesome murder, but weren’t allowed to view the inside. One young millennial age range bidder said, 

I am friends with someone who actually cleans up bodies and doesn’t mind the gory look, like the floor, and neither do I. Like, I’m fully down and I heard that the house had trapdoors inside of it. 

The winning bidder got the crime scene for the bid of $101,000. The next step, for the new homeowner, will be to begin the clean-up that remains after the CSI removed the crime scene tape that warned “STATE POLICE-DO NOT CROSS.” 

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