This is why you don’t park in front of fire hydrants.  I know, I know,  you're in a hurry and it’s only for a minute and how many times does that spot go empty and no one’s house is on fire!?

All good points, until that ONE time that something does go wrong.

This is what happens to your car. The Anaheim Fire Department posted this picture to Twitter as a reminder of why that spot should remain empty.

And no, the fire department, nor the police department give ANY F!@#s as to WHY you had to park there “real quick”.

You should know that 9 out of 10 times when you park in front of a fire hydrant, even in Grand Rapids, this scene above won’t play out. But 10 out of those 10 times, it’s still illegal to park in the fire lane and even if the fire department doesn’t break out your windows, you’ll still be ticketed

We called the city of Grand Rapids and they said the ticket is $20 if caught parking in the fire lane or blocking a fire hydrant, then goes to $40 after 10 days and then up to $60 after 90 days ( no, not keeping your car there that long, but if you wait to pay the ticket.)

Here's a list of fines for the City of Grand Rapids, and how they go up the longer you wait to pay.  BTW, the blocking the fire hydrant fee is violation code 10.45(4).


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