There is always something happening in South Haven.

What if you saw a man who needed your help to break a world record?

That is exactly what happened this weekend to someone. Let me explain.

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What Is The America's Great Loop?

The America's Great Loop spans 5,000 miles total. With this journey, a person must navigate through 20+ U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

Each year, on average, only 150 boaters complete the Great Loop. Most of those who finish are on larger boats.


A 65-year-old man, Mark Fuhrmann, became the first person to kayak SOLO the Greater Loop, which is 6,800 miles across Canada and the United States. It took him 268 days and 1,643 hours of paddling.

Will This Man Seen In Michigan Break The Great Lakes World Record?

In the "Things To Do In South Haven" Facebook group, a Facebook user was able to find one of the Great Loopers.

The man was stopped in South Haven while he was on the way to Chicago on his jet ski!

Only 3 people have finished the Great Loop on a jet ski so there is a possibility that this man will be the fourth person!

According to the witness log (pictured below), this man is a United States Marine Corps Veteran. He also has a Masters in Business administration from the University of Maryland.

To complete this world-record trip, he had to leave his wife and 2 kids back home.

The current unofficial record to complete this journey is 42 days. However, this man wants to finish this goal in 20 days!

I hope this man completes the Great Loop. Would you do this trip to break a world record?

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