It had to happen sooner or later but the first real cold winter days are happening in West Michigan this week.

According WZZM, the rain may have melted the snow but soon the rain will be turning into snow and temperatures will be dropping to a bitter cold.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are going to be very cold. Temperatures will not get out of the teens and expect wind chills to be near zero.

This colder air may kick in some lake effect snow but shouldn't be more than two inches by Wednesday night. If you live more east in the region, you may only experience an inch of snow but will still feel the bitter cold.

Look for the Tuesday commute to be a bit difficult with slick roads due to the wet pavement freezing from the dropping temperatures. Wednesday's commute may also be slow if you are in the lake effect areas that receive snow.

Friday and Saturday will be a small relief from the cold with temperatures getting into the mid to upper 30's.

Sunday will drop back down to the cold temperatures again with a possible high of only 19.

Bundle up, winter is here and if the Farmers Almanac is correct, this is only the beginning.


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