A investigative report by WoodTV 8 on refrigerator fires has gone viral.  The clip is set up by two WoodTV 8 anchors after a refrigerator recall due to the possibility of fire.  The anchors throw it to Joe LaFurgey to give his report, but instead of Joe, some other guy walks up to the camera and declares his love for refrigerators.  I'm not quite sure who the guy was, but it definitely wasn't Joe.  For starters, Joe isn't an employee at Direct Appliances, and from what I understand, Joe doesn't love refrigerators.

So what exactly happened here in this clip?  We aren't sure.  But maybe they played an advertisement instead of the live feed?  Or maybe Joe was kidnapped and the Direct Appliances guy didn't want the world to know about the possibility of refrigerator fires.  The world may never know...

What we do know is that, the guy in the video and the I like turtles kid get nervous when they are on camera.

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