Over the holiday weekend, I went to Grand Haven for some much-needed rest and relaxation on the beach.

Surprisingly, for it being Memorial Day, not a lot of people were out and about.

However, even though there were not many people there, there were still some rather annoying individuals at the beach that day.

Regardless of what beach you go to, there are always the same types of people, especially those who do annoying things.

Shermans Travel said it best,

Summer is all about escaping the office and enjoying the sun, sand, and surf. A trip to the beach is one of life's simple pleasures. Whether you're enjoying some cold drinks with friends, swimming with your kids, or rubbing sunscreen on someone special, you expect the beach to be relaxing. Sadly, not everyone got the memo about proper beach behavior. From coast to coast and all around the world, miscreants and yahoos are mucking up our tanning time. It's difficult to narrow down the list of the worst offenders, but I managed to pick out the beachgoers who annoy me more than the sand in my bathing suit does.

Scroll below to see the things and people that I experienced while at a Michigan beach.

What are your 10 Worst Kinds Of People At A Michigan Beach?

10 Of The Worst Kinds Of People At A Michigan Beach

With all the upcoming holidays and travel, you have probably seen your fair share of annoying people at the beach. Here are the ten worst kinds of people at a Michigan beach.

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