Here’s some bad news, if you think you’ve been vaccinated and you don’t have to worry about the measles outbreak that’s happening across the state, you might not be AS protected as you think.

According to the Free Press, the CDC has changed its recommendations on who needs to be vaccinated again and if you were born between 1957 and 1989, there’s a good chance you need more shots. Back in 1989, the CDC decided everyone needed two MMR vaccines instead of the one that was recommended prior.

So even though your parents say you were vaccinated, they are correct, but not on the recommended dose to keep you safe during this outbreak.

The CDC told the Free Press that people should visit their doctors and have them look at your immunization charts which are also at the county health department or you can have you blood tested for the MMR anti-bodies.

Why should this matter? There's 39 reported cases of measles in Michigan, and the number of exposure sites are growing.


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