Now that the weather is getting nicer, and more stuff is starting to happen around Grand Rapids that have people out and walking, it’s probably a good time to remind you that crosswalk laws in Grand Rapids have changed since last fall when everybody was last out and about.

As of Feb 6th, when the Grand Rapids city commission approved an ordinance requiring drivers to stop for pedestrians AT crosswalks.  Not IN them, but if they are waiting to cross, you are now legally responsible to stop and let them cross.

I stopped for some people on Leonard at The Mitten Brewing Co, so they could cross and the oncoming traffic kept flying past them, even as they were in the middle of the road with me still stopped.

The new ordinance requires drivers to fully stop at marked or unmarked crosswalks for pedestrians.  The only time you don’t have to stop is if the crosswalk is already regulated by traffic lights or an officer directing traffic.

So heads up… if someone is trying to cross the street, legally, you’re supposed to stop and let them.  So don’t honk at me Doug, just because I’m following the law.

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