Young Thug has stirred up a debate on social media with his bold rule for broke men. Thugger believes men shouldn’t have kids if they’re broke.

On April 30, an Instagram blog posted a video of Young Thug in the studio from April 28, sharing his thoughts about men producing children without any finances. The Atlanta rapper came up with what he calls an "oath" for broke men: stop having kids.

“God needs to set some rules,” the Punk artist said. “We need new rules. We need a new oath. If you dead broke, if you a broke-ass nigga, you should not be able to nut. You’re bringing poor kids into this world, fuck nigga. You’re making niggas rob, and kill and steal because you’re running around with no type of career, no nothing.”

“Now your kids growing up wanting shit. Your kids growing up looking at Thug and his gang," he concluded.

In a follow-up video, the "For My People" rhymer also addressed women trying to emulate rich people when they are actually broke.

“Bitch got to realize that when you ain’t got nothin’ or worst from nothing, don’t have a future, your job don't got nothin’ for what you went to school for, you’ve got to adjust to whatever a nigga do for you,” he stated. "You can’t want top-tier situations and you’re the bottom of the barrel."

"How the fuck you thought that work?" Thugger continued. "How you think that work? Bitches be dead-ass broke wanting a Birkin. Where the hell you gon’ put the Birkin at, in a goddamn Uber?” he continued. "Get you a house, then get you a car that you can park at your house."

"Y’all tryin’ to go to step 10 from zero," he added. "Hold down, relax."

On Reddit, Young Thug's comments about broke men have generated a debate among those who agree with Thugger’s new "rules" and others who are opposed to it.

"Absolutely. If you don’t know where your next meal is coming from, if you’ll be out on the street, don’t got enough money for a medical emergency, then why bring a child into that?" wrote one user. "I get it, not all rich people are good people but financial stability is IMPORTANT when raising a child."

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NYStateOfMind via Reditt

Another person wrote, "Not allowing people to have kids, should not be the solution. If the system is so broken that parents with low resources isn't able to support their children probably, then that speaks to the state system and not to wether people should be allowed to have kids."

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NYStateOfMind va Redit

Leave it to Young Thug to spark a debate on social media.

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