It’s been a minute since we’ve (Rob + Christine) done a video, so we’re back with a brand new video series!!

There’s a ton of life-hacks out there that are always proving that we do thing wrong. So we decided to start a series called, “You’re Doing It Wrong!”  Each video will be teaching you the “right” way to do things – *disclaimer: right according to internet trends, not necessarily by any experts.

Our first video in the “You’re Doing It Wrong” series is about opening cans with your handheld can opener.  Recently it’s been all over the place that you’re supposed to use the can opener on the top of the can. The internet says it’s safer and you won’t get salmonella or whatever other nasty is living on the top of the can that drops in when you open the “other” way.

So take a look at how “You’re Doing It Wrong!” when opening cans!

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