Tara Hunt is heading into her senior year at East Kentwood High, so she decided to have a little fun by recreating her awesome kindergarten photo that has been sitting in the fireplace mantle in her home since she was five.

Little did she know, the world would embrace her efforts.

Hunt's fearful face, and pulled tight pigtails have been a source of family laughs for years, so Tara decided, why not do a spot on recreation of the photo, right down to the lime green USA sweatshirt she was wearing when she first shoved off for school?

Her friend encouraged her to post the photo to her Twitter feed, not knowing the response would be viral. Over 93,000 likes (and growing) later, Tara's photo has been featured in BuzzFeed, Teen Vogue and New York Magazine.

“We are allowed to do funny ID pictures because they put our senior pictures in the yearbook,” Hunt recently told WOOD-TV 8. “I didn’t know what to do because we are not allowed to use props, like hold anything, so I was like, what should I do? And I found a green sweatshirt and then we ironed on USA to it and we were like, ‘This is going to be perfect.'”

So why the pained look in the kindergarten photo? "When I was in kindergarten I refused to take my school picture and it got so serious that the principal had to call my mom," Hunt told FOX 17.  "It's just a little joke between me and my family."