No, that's not a typo. Grand Rapids did rank among the top 10 in Redfin's "Top 15 City's for Beer Lovers" list; but we only nabbed the No.4 position, not No. 1.

Huh? What cities could have possibly beaten out Beer City USA?



Real estate company Redfin teamed up with the Beer Institute to rank cities across the U.S. on the following criteria: The number of breweries per 100,000 adults aged 21 and up, the number of active brewery permits in each state, state beer taxes (lower ranked better), the median home sale price, and Walk Score (how easy it is to get around without a car, preventing drinking and driving).

They also got insider info from Redfin agents in each state.

Of No. 4 ranking Grand Rapids, agent Kent Selders said,

“Often referred to as ‘Beer City,’ Grand Rapids has a strong tradition of brewing. Founders Brewery is perhaps the most well-known across the country, but we also have HopCat, voted the best brewpub in the country. We have places like Brewery Vivant, the first LEED-certified microbrewery, Harmony Brewing, B.O.B.’s Brewery – the list goes on and on. It’s a true beer lover’s paradise!”

Michigan has another city on the list too; Detroit came in at No. 8.

So how about that No. 1 spot? According to Redfin, that goes to Pittsburgh.

“Pittsburgh has always been what I’d call ‘a beer and a shot town,’ with our blue collar roots. Back in the day, all the steel workers would meet at the bar for an Iron City beer and a shot of whiskey. Today, those roots are alive and well. You’ll still find Iron City in most bars, but we’re also seeing a boom in craft brewing. There are lots of microbreweries, particularly in the Southside.”

Here's the rest of Refin's 15 Top Beer Cities:

1. Pittsburgh, Pa.
2. Buffalo, N.Y.
3. Milwaukee, Wisc.
4. Grand Rapids, Mich.
5. Philadelphia
6. Portland, Ore.
7. Denver, Colo.
8. Detroit, Mich.
9. Cleveland, Ohio
10. St. Louis, Mo.
11. Madison, Wisc.
12. Long Island, N.Y.
13. Seattle, Wash.
14. Cincinnati, Ohio
15. San Francisco

Well, it's not a total win, but still cool that GR is getting recognized for it's awesome craft beer-- which we will be enjoying in the sunshine downtown Grand Rapids July 16 at Grand Rapids on Tap! Come join us!