Kelly Price got into some "ish" at the Indiana Black Expo. Over the weekend she was asked to perform "her music" on the "Gospel Stage." She ended up performing songs including her cover of Shirley Murdock's "As We Lay," a song simply about an affair with a married man. What came next was the event MC calling out Kelley Price's performance was "inappropriate."

So, Kelly Price took to Twitter in a post to @RollingOut explaining her disappointment at "Church bigotry and ignorance" and that being why people don't go to church anymore.

So what do you think Grand Rapids. Should she have known it was a gospel event and not done that song? Was it a mistake on the event planners part for not spelling out what they wanted her to perform? Me personally, I just think it was a lack of clarity on all sides of the issue regarding what should of been performed.

- Lee Stephens