Parents, you need to read this! Michigan has ranked in the top 5 for bullying!

Kris Connor, Getty Images, which does all types of studies, has conducted a new study focused on schools, state laws, and suicide rates across the country to rank states when it comes to bullying. The study resulted in Michigan being the worst state in the country when it comes to bullying, according to Fox 17. The study looked at 17 metrics and included data from the Center for Disease Control, about costs of truancy to schools, instances of cyber-bullying and suicide attempts. Michigan was the worst in the survey and 5th in "Bullying Prevalence" and "Bullying Impact & Environment." Michigan ranked #17 for having anti-bullying laws on the books. Also in the top 5, were Louisiana, West Virginia, Montana and Arkansas. The three best states were Vermont, North Carolina and Massachusetts.

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