The number of ticks found in Michigan is increasing. With warmer temperatures across the northern United States ticks are making their way up north. Howard Russell, an entomologist with Michigan State University Extension told The Times Herald:

"Ticks have been building, there was a time when you didn’t have to worry about ticks in the Lower Peninsula," he said.


"Now I get complaints almost daily from people who say, 'We’ve never had ticks here and now I can’t go for a walk without getting a tick on me.'


"For some reason they’re increasing, and I expect them to continue to increase."

The tick to really watch out for is – the lone star tick. This tick is growing in numbers in Michigan.

Why is this tick such a pest? It appears to cause a meat allergy in some of the people it uses as a host. The lone star tick is easy to identify, as it has a white spot on its back.