After a pastor at a church in Flint yesterday interrupted Donald Trump to get him back on point, Trump said this morning she was 'nervous' and thought 'something was up'.

The weird political campaign that is the 2016 Presidential Election made a stop in the Michigan city of Flint yesterday where Donald Trump stopped by to tour the troubled water facilities that caused many residents there to become sick.

While speaking to residents at Bethel United Methodist Church, the Republican candidate for President began to go after his rival, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. That's when Pastor Faith Timmons jumped in and reminded Trump to stay on message and that 'he wasn't invited to give a campaign speech.'

Trump apologized, then spoke without a script and said Flint families have been devastated by the crisis and said as president he would fix it. He said it would take time, but moments later contradicted himself and said if he's elected, it would be done quickly.

“Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us,” Timmons said, adding, “not make a political speech.”

Timmons also admonished members of the audience who shouted at Trump 'to respect our guest'.

This morning on the FOX and Friends News Show, Trump said he felt the Pastor was a 'nervous mess' and that he felt 'something was up'.

During a phone conversation with the hosts, Trump said that he felt Flint was a troubled place. "The whole place is – not only the water, the water is what – what they did with the water is horrible, but the crime rate and all the other problems they have and people want to see – you know when I use the expression, I say what do you have to lose? I'm going to fix it. I'm going to fix it. What do you have to lose? And I'll tell you the audience was fantastic," Trump said. "But she was so nervous. She was like a nervous mess, and so I figured something – I figured something was up, really.”