File this under "Rich N---- S---": Tyrese has opened up a new dry his house. That’s right. The R&B crooner will know get his shirts cleaned and pressed conveniently inside of his garage.

The singer went on his Instagram page to show off his new business called Voltron Cleaners. Apparently, Tyrese was tired of being overcharged for getting his shirts and pants cleaned so he created a business that suits his lifestyle.

Don’t worry, he’s won’t be doing the cleaning by himself. The “Sweet Lady” singer hired employees from the cleaners and they are going to do the work. It’s going to be a costly expense, but if you got the money, hey, why not?

Tyrese may even allow his neighbors the utilize his Voltron Cleaners and earned some extra dough on the side. Not a bad way to make money while you are home.

His dry cleaners now compliments his Benihana-style backyard restaurant and outdoor movie theater. Tyrese has his own little community on his property. Talk about having the whole world in his hands.

Tyrese is also in the Christmas spirit. The actor took his daughter to see Santa Claus and did a little holiday shopping with his Fast and Furious co-star Vin Diesel and his family.

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