This is one of the best stories.. and as Amy said, it’s not political, it’s just a feel good story.

Lauren is 10 years old and as her mom points out, her view of the world is a lot simpler than that of adults.

So when she saw the governor wearing a hounds tooth jacket that was the same pattern as a face mask she owned she decided that she needed to write the governor and let her know about her business of making face masks and send the face mask they matched the governors blazer.

Then the coolest thing happened, as Amy wrote in her 10 Year Old Michigan Girl Makes Mask For Gov. Whitmer:

Tonight, I was wrapping up work, and my phone rang from an unknown number - it was the Governor calling for Lauren! I told her she was down in her workshop and we had a laugh about us maybe needing an exemption from child labor laws 🙈😂

They had a long chat and she asked LC if she could make some more masks for her and have a FaceTime call together soon. She wanted to learn about Lauren’s business and wanted to know how she was holding up with all of this craziness - Lauren told her she really misses Gigi and Grandpa in Ohio but she understands why they can’t be together right now. 💔<

At the end of the call, she told LC how amazing she is and said that she hopes to vote for Lauren for Governor someday.

After the call, Lauren collapsed on the floor out of pure excitement from chatting with the governor.

She then asked for a treat because “she deserved it”.

Even cooler news was that Governor Whitmer wore the mask during one of her press conferences and even talked about Lauren’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Just for the record, Lauren does have a business partner, it’s 13-year-old Britton, he says he’s more of the silent partner because he doesn’t like the attention.

PS: Britton (13) is her business partner, but isn’t into being in the spotlight- he requests to be the “silent partner”. Tonight during all the commotion he said “let’s just remember who PINNED that mask for you so it was perfect for the Governor!”

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