Consistency and keeping your name hot is key to staying afloat in the rap game these days. Only a few artists have been as active over the past few years as much as Future. Enjoying a breakout 2015, during which he released two mixtapes, his third studio album, and a collaborative album with Drake (What a Time to Be Alive), resulted in him becoming one of the hottest rappers in hip-hop.

In 2016, on the same breakneck pace, the Atlanta rapper-producer released two full-length projects in less than a two-month span. Future would then take the rest of the year off, but remained an omnipresence due to his single "Wicked" emerging as one of the biggest club bangers of the year.

Future wouldn't wait too long to make a splash in 2017, going on social media on Valentine's Day to announce the release of a new project, which would be unveiled three days later to much fanfare. While some fans considered EVOL a regression from his previous material, his just-released self-titled album has been considered a return to form of sorts, recapturing some of the magic he generated on his acclaimed DS2 album.

Boasting a lineup of producers that includes Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, Southside, DJ Khaled, The Beat Bully, !llmind, and Jake One, among others, Future contains a bevy of enticing soundscapes, with Future Hendrix delivering rhymes about his lavish lifestyle, his rise to power and his credentials as a trap music star.

Future is among the best releases to hit the streets in 2017. The album should strengthen Future's stronghold as one of rap's biggest stars. After giving the album a few spins and engaging in heavy debate, The Boombox picked out the five best songs from his self-titled album that we feel are the biggest standouts on the collection.

Check them out below.

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    Future Hendrix talks litigation on "POA," a hard-hitting selection that packs plenty of punch and is a can't-miss song on his new long player. "I need a power of attorney, I'm 'bout to fuck up some M's/I need a power of attorney, you need to get this on film," the Freebandz general advises over frenetic 808s drum beats, courtesy of producers YK808 & Southside. With his own lawsuit against former business partner Rocko remaining an elephant in the room, Future shrugs off any impending losses and gets lavish on the track. Arguably, a sure-fire banger from the collection.

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    "Poppin' Tags"


    "Goyard, ugh, pick out what you want/Hermès, ugh, pick out what you want," Future boasts on "Poppin' Tags," one of the more electric offerings on his self-titled project. Produced by Southside, the track was first revealed by DJ Esco on OVO Sound Radio last November, and served as a preview of what was to come. Dropping quote-worthy lines like "My young n----s so playa?, f--- around kill you in sandals / I was on some cool s--- now they want the ana / King Jaffe Jo, my body wrapped in gold / Money stackin' tall, now I think I'm seein' ghosts'," Future Hendrix gets grisly on this ostentatious song.

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    "Mask Off"


    Metro Boomin unleashes the flutes on "Mask Off," a bass-heavy composition, that ranks among the best joints on Future's LP. "Two cups, toast up with the gang / From food stamps to a whole 'nother domain / Out the bottom, I’m the livin' proof (Super) / They compromising, half a million on the Coupe," the ATL trap star muses in between reveling in his drug-fueled shenanigans and nefarious dealings. Featuring a sample of “Prison Song” by Tommy Butler," "Mask Off" is a refined tune that with plenty of replay value.

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    "When I Was Broke"


    Usually callous and apathetic in his music, Future is at his best when bearing his soul and showing glimpses of vulnerability, which occurs on "When I Was Broke." Produced by Zaytoven, the song is a superb offering that finds the rapper in his zone. Powered by keys, synths, and 808 drums, the somber soundbed allows Future to show reverence to the women in his life that stayed loyal, even at his lowest moments. Heartfelt and sincere in sentiment, the track is sure to go down as a fan favorite from the project.

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    "Feds Did a Sweep"


    Future's new album reaches it's climax on "Feds Did a Sweep," the grim, Zaytoven-produced track that serves as the close-out cut and finds Future painting a gripping visual of the trap and the paranoia that engulfs it. "I done started buyin' more Cubans / These links on me leavin' bruises / I don't fantasize, I make movies / I don't tell lies, I tote Uzi's," he raps, as he gives a testimonial of his pain and sacrifices made from his time in the streets.


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