Some things will never change. The sun will always rise in the East and set in the West. And 50 Cent and Irv Gotti will continue being arch-enemies no matter how much time passes. Fif recently threatened to slap the Murda Inc. co-founder on Instagram in response to an interview Gotti did with The Breakfast Club.

Irv recently sat down with DJ Envy, Charlamagne The God and Angele Ye to discuss him bringing Murda Inc. back through a new partnership with 300 Entertainment. But of course, the topic of his relationship with 50 Cent came up.

Fif got wind of Irv's interview and responded on IG. Posting a clip from the sit-down, he captioned it, "You think people can't see you soft IRV. You say you beat the Fed's no, you never did nothing you fucking punk. I will slap the shit out you, and you will say thanks May I have another. LOL"

50 didn't stop there. In another post, he called Irv's former lady a prostitute. "LOL 😆 you in love with a call girl, shorty was one of Taz angels. Smh and you just kiss her in the mouth. 😳you gotta get your life together Sucker," he captioned a picture of the two.

The long-standing beef between 50 and Murda Inc., which dates back to the start of Fif's career, doesn't always seem active, but it only takes something small for tempers to flare about the issue. Last year, when 50 was beefing with Meek Mill, Irv gave his thoughts on the situation, which sparked a visceral response from the Queens rapper. “IRV said he a grown man and his father 82 years old. Tell you daddy I said hurry up and die punk. Let’s get to it no more IG," 50 wrote in a post that was later deleted.

Check out 50's recent Irv disses below.

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