Kim Kardashian broke the Internet. Beyoncé shut it down. But Will Smith brought it back to life the day he joined Instagram.

While the social media platform launched back in 2018, it wasn't until one fateful day in December 2017 that the Fresh Prince decided to post his first IG picture. It's been on ever since.

The charismatic super star let fans into his childhood when he shared a baby photo that required no filters. Approximately seven IG posts later, he had everyone hooked, especially when he showed just how proud he is to be a father by uploading a split image of Jaden and himself in similar poses at two different events.

Will then reminded his fans and binge watchers everywhere to keep watching Netflix (before the whole Mo’Nique boycott went down).

But it isn't just his wit and family pics that has everyone following Smith—it's his life advice. From inspirational posts laced with comedic timing, to his musings on what it takes to make a marriage last, Smith's insight never comes off as preachy, which people obviously relate to. Since joining in December, his followers have swelled to 8.9 million.

Bottom line? There are many reasons to love Will Smith's Instagram— nine major keys to be exact.

He's Motivational

No matter the subject, Will always finds new ways of encouraging people to cut the dead weight out of their lives, so that they can shine brighter.

He Inspires New Perspectives

Smith's response to this young artist's animation proves he’s not afraid to look at himself through someone else’s eyes.

His Co-Signs Are Everything

He waited approximately 2,700 days to launch his IG account but he used Ellen Degeneres' talk show as the plug when he did. Enough said.

He Defines Cultural Ideas

The now 49-year-old actor started off as a big-eared kid from Philly looking to make it. Somewhere along the way he transformed into an inebriated super hero, but not before experiencing life as one of the world's soul survivors. Now he's a full blown family man who's still doing backflips on a big screen while banking millions. He personifies the phrase, "Black don't crack!"

He Always Remembers His Roots

Smith may be worth around $260 million, but he never forgets where he came from.

He Has the Best Friends

Understandably, Will Smith has a lot of high-ranking friends in a lot of high-ranking places. But sometimes, it’s not about the money or the fame. Sometimes it’s just having a lot of (high-ranking) celebrity friends who care just as much about the culture as you do.

He Shows His Family A Lot Of Love

Through all his stardom, Will has always seems to put family first. With his family by his side, he shows the new generation it’s still cool to be a family man.


He's All About Self-Empowerment

He announced he was starting a vlog to show people the things they can do when they’re not sleeping— and what he’s doing when we are.

He's A Genius

Will showed us he can rap and act, but when he jumped on camera and conquered a Rubik’s Cube, we realized he can do anything – even master the philosophies of a colorful square puzzle.



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