For one day only, the age-old question amongst couples and friends of, “Where should we eat?” is going to be easily answered with the Roll’N Out Food Truck Festival.

Yeah, the food trucks are going to have their own festival and it’s going to be delicious. This sorta feels like a tastier Transformers movie, but it’s not.

It’s going down Sunday, May 20th at Heartside Park in Grand Rapids.  According to their facebook page, they’re looking at around 30 different food trucks at the event which will be awesome! They say they have even more details to come but the Roll’N Out Food Truck Festival will be open from Noon – 8pm.

And let me tell you from other food festivals I’ve been to, go early, because it’s not like the bottomless fries at Red Robin, they’re a truck and can only carry so much food.  I digress.

Leading up to the event, Grand Rapids Food Truck Association on Facebook is highlighting 30 food trucks in 30 days, which means you can start making your food truck bucket list for May 20th.  You can also see other events where the food trucks will be at during the summer.


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