This is a crazy, Ocean’s 11, 12 or 13 type of heist that happened in Portage Sunday at Medawar Jewelers.

WWMT reports that thieves broke into the jewelry store by cutting through the wall of a pet groomer and nail salon.

Pierre Medawar told WWMT that police told him they were looking for professional thieves,

"They’re not amateurs, whoever did this knew what they were doing. Police said who did this may be from Chicago or Detroit, not a local group."

According to what Medawar told WWMT, all the items stolen were from the safe and it looks as though all of their customer’s items were still in the store. Police are still trying to figure out the timeline of the robbery and were still on scene late Sunday evening processing the scene.

Also, if you’re thinking it’s an inside job, so did I… but Medawar was pretty confident talking to WWMT that it was NOT an inside job,

"This is not an inside job. I wouldn’t be able to do what they did, and I’ve been in this business 40 years."

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