Zebra Mussels have been doing severe damage to the Great Lakes Eco system for many years but now a group has put together a plan to solve problems caused by invasive mussels.

According to WOOD, a coalition of agencies and groups among the Great Lakes region have put together a strategy to help guide investments, policies and research into zebra and quagga mussels. These mussels were introduced to the Great Lakes in the 80's and have now spread across the nation.

These tiny little mussels that look harmless to the naked eye have caused billions of dollars in damage. The mussels have disrupted aquatic food, degraded fish habitat and are clogging water intake pipes as well.

The idea is to set some goals that will guide development of ways to restore damaged ecosystems.

The coalition that is working on fixing the problems caused by evasive mussels consists of federal, state, provincial and tribal agencies as well as private stakeholder groups and research institutions.

These groups have a long way to go in solving the zebra mussel problem but there is no time like now to help save our Great Lakes.

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