If you’re driving around any of the Michigan State highways this weekend, be on the lookout for “Adopt-A-Highway” litter crews picking up trash, especially Saturday.

M-DOT sponsors the program and area businesses, families and civic groups adopt a 2 mile stretch of highway to clean up, two to three times a year.

This year’s second cleanup is scheduled from July 13-21, M-DOT says a lot of groups will be picking up trash this Saturday. Each year, the Adopt-A-Highway program collects between 65,000 and 70,000 bags of trash with the help of volunteers.

If you, your family or organization want to join and Adopt-A-Highway section, you can get more info and sign up at  www.Michigan.gov/AdoptAHighway.

Volunteers just have to be at least 12 years of age, it’s free for the group to adopt a section of highway, and M-DOT gives you the high-visibility vests and trash bags. They just ask for your group to commit for two years, but you’ll have a cool sign on the highway saying you adopted that piece of roadway!

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