Weatherman Al Roker from NBC's 'TODAY' Show broadcasted live from the Motor City this morning. But he wasn't just here for the weather. He was also here for two tasty reasons.

Al Roker flew into Detroit on Tuesday and shared a video on his Instagram of the beautiful view from the plane.

Al Roker Broadcasted Live From Detroit This Morning

Al Roker broadcasted live from Detroit with local NBC affiliate WDIV Local 4. He was joined by Local 4 personalities Evrod Cassimy, Rhonda Walker, and Kim Adams.

Al Roker Gets Some Love From Detroit Sports Team

While broadcasting live from the Detroit River Walk Al was treated by Hooper from the Detroit Pistons along with dance team Automotion. Hooper presented Al with a Detroit Pistons jersey that had his last name on the back and the number 313 which is the area code for Detroit. Paws the Detroit Tigers mascot was also part of the fun.

Al Roker posing for a picture with WDIV Local 4 Chief Metoroglist Kim Adams

Two Tasty Reasons Al Roker Was In Detroit Today

While in the Motor City Al visited two Detroit coney spots for his show "Family Style With Al Roker" which you can stream on NBC's Peacock. On the show, Al Roker explores iconic dishes across the country and the family-owned businesses keeping food traditions alive.

What Coney Spots Did Al Roker Visit In Detroit

American Coney Island 

Detroit CMO (Chili Mustard Onions)

There is no air date yet for the episode but will update you when we know more.

Al Roker Walks Around Detroit Metro Airport

Al Roker took 20 minutes as he was heading out of Detroit to highlight the 30-Day Walking Plan. The plan's goal is to jumpstart weight loss and boost your mental health. You can get more info and take part in the 30-Day Walking Plan by clicking here.

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