There may be love in the air but there are also plenty of scams going around.

Do not let yourself or your loved ones get scammed on Valentine's Day.

Homeland Security and the Secret Service have made a public service announcement for all Michigan residents.

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Homeland Security Issues Valentine's Day Scam Alert Warning

An old scam with a new twist has been making its way through Michigan during a time when many have romance on their minds.


Authorities say it's not just people looking for love during Valentine's Day that are at risk of these scams.

The United States Secret Service says that romance scammers will create a fake online profile to build a connection until a potential victim is comfortable enough to send money.

"Victims can be both men and women. Many times, the criminal targets older people and those who may be struggling in a relationship and/or are emotionally vulnerable. Though most criminals aim for vulnerable targets, affluent and well-educated individuals have also fallen victim to these type of scams. In general, these scams have the potential to affect everyone."


Some criminals have gone as far as using AI to create text messages, photos, and videos of people to make them look and sound realistic.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

What Should You Look Out For In Romance Scams?

The Secret Service shared a few tips to ensure people are not scammed on Love Day.

  • Be careful of what you post online
  • Use reputable websites, although keep in mind that scammers are also on these.
  • If you develop a relationship online, research the person’s photo and profile
  • Ask questions. If a person seems too good to be true, they probably are.
  • Beware if you are asked for inappropriate photos or financial information. Do not send money to people you meet online and have never met in person.
  • Be suspicious if the person fails to show up for multiple attempts to meet and always has an excuse

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