For the fourth time since 2023, Grand Rapids parking rates are rising!

In this economy, raising parking rates just sounds like a bad idea.

However, it is happening! Here is what you need to know.

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Grand Rapids Parking Rates Increasing Again

Wherever you decide to park downtown, you know that you will need to pay, no matter what.


Well, the cost of parking in downtown Grand Rapids is increasing AGAIN under the city's proposed budget.

When? Why?

The proposed increase will primarily happen when events occur on the city-owned ramps.

How Much Is It Increasing?

Under this new proposal, the city is set to charge visitors double the current rate at some of the ramps for large events.

That means the price to park downtown will be going up to $25.

Unfortunately, there are more details you need to know.

RS31175_parking meter-scr

Besides the increase in the parking ramps, the city will also be extending meter enforcement hours until 7:00 PM Monday through Friday.

The city will also increase evening parking rates at some rates by 20%. As for monthly parking, it will increase at nearly all parking lots and ramps.

Currently, after 6:00 pm on weekdays, metered parking is free. Most metered parking on the weekend is free as well. Thankfully, the metered parking rates will not be increasing under the proposal.

When Will This Go Into Effect?

Unless the city commissioners change the schedule, these new parking rates will be going into effect on July 1st.

Daniel Deitschel

If this proposal is approved, this will be the third time since 2023 that the city has increased parking fees. Before 2023, the city had not increased parking rates since 2016!

How do you feel about these new parking changes?

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