Deal Alert, especially if you’re like me and think it’s about time for a weekend trip somewhere.

Amtrak announced they’re doing a flash sale where you buy one ticket and you get a companion ticket for free! There’s a catch, which is IT’S A FLASH SALE and that means it ends soon.. Monday to be exact.

The cool stuff according to the Amtrak website is it’s good for travel between March 25th and July 29th of this year and there are no restrictions on dates. It just may be cheaper to not try to leave on Easter weekend and leave a couple days before and after the holiday.

If you’re trying to book a trip, make sure to pick 2 adults, so you get the deal. AND HURRY! Monday is the end of the deal.

Btw, I’m not getting paid for this, I just like to drink while I travel, and (unofficially) you can do that on the train to Chicago.

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