Garry Frank, the meteorologist on the Fox 17 morning show, is the man because of just how he handles himself. He doesn’t hide his disgust with life at times.

Back in April, a rant he did about people complaining about his forecasts went viral, now I think he could be onto his next viral hit.

Tuesday morning, after a nice long Labor Day weekend, the weather computer at Fox 17 finally broke, so Gary couldn’t display his forecast and temps. After mentioning that it was definitely a Monday feeling Tuesday, he didn’t let the broken computer stop him.

In true IDGAF fashion, he calls out the crappy computer and then proceeds to do the weather on a dry erase board.  Even drawing out the weather for the next couple days.  The thunderstorm drawing is the best.

Like I said, Garry handles ish the way we all wish we could, except on live TV, which makes him my SNARKY HERO!

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