After hearing from the marketing firm for Walmart in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and then reaching out to the Cascade Walmart and 54th Street Walmart, they confirmed that the 'Baby Savings Day' is real and happening in West Michigan at those two stores.  Also apparently from some Facebook comments on this story, if you get the Walmart deals email, they also confirm the sale is happening.   Just weird you wouldn't plaster such a great deal all over your company website, or host the PDF flyer on WALMART.COM.

btw, I told you I was scared to write this.

You're welcome, Shelley. (not a quotable spokesperson.)


Have you heard about Walmart’s 'Baby Savings Day' happening this Saturday?

If not, there are stories being posted by legit new stations, about how this Saturday select Walmart stores will have big discounts and in-store demonstrations from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm.  I mean SOOO many stories… that I’m almost scared to write this because it would seem I’m wrong, BUT this Saturday's “BABY SAVINGS DAY” at Walmart is a hoax.

Why?  Because I can’t find anything about a one-day baby sale on Walmart.com or their corporate site that talks about this sale. Wouldn't that be the first thing when you went to their site if it's such a great sale?

The only thing I could find when I googled “WALMART BABY SAVINGS SALE” – yes I google in all caps –  was a listing for Baby Savings Days, which was the same discount as being offered in some of the news stories with the Saturday sale, but for the entire month of February, not just one day.

I also found that one of our sister stations had stumbled upon this sale and after calling around to area Walmart stores in upstate New York, A) not many store managers they talked to knew much or anything about it. B) they had talked with a manager who said it was a six-week promotion and not a one day sale. There may be some in-store demos but it seems that's also on a store by store basis, and could happen even outside of Saturday.

The manager also called the PDF that is associated with all the news stories, about “participating locations” was fake too, and even came from a non-Walmart website, which should have been a red flag.

So if you were planning on going Saturday to 'BABY SAVINGS DAY', I'd maybe call the store you want to shop at and see if they know anything about it. I have heard that some stores are planning to do something during that time, probably to capitalize on this free publicity, or because they saw the stories and are freaking out thinking they missed a memo.

If you're like me and "ain't nobody got time for that,"  just go to Walmart's website and shop now with 30% off.

Alright, good luck.

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