Grab your gear, find your glitter, and make sure your outfit has at least one thing that will glow under the black lights, because Bass Country is back and turning 5 with an amazing new set of artists, returning to the Intersection on Saturday, August 5th.

If you love EDM, House, or dance music of any kind, you're probably familiar with West Michigan's premier party that takes over multiple rooms of The Intersection several times of the year.

Benjamin Howell Photography / The Intersection
Benjamin Howell Photography / The Intersection

And if you're not, buckle up, because we're about to take a look at some of the most epic bass drops in Bass Country history.

SVDDEN DEATH - Bass Country Halloween 2021

Let's start off with a recent set: The vibes are perfect, the song choices are great, and if you can listen to 2 Minutes of SVDDEN DEATH without moving your body, your pulse is probably missing.

Peakaboo - Bass Country Halloween, October 2019

If this vide of Peakaboo doesn't get you excited, you're a lost cause. He's also showing a great example of how it's not just about the music- the stage set ups at Bass Country make it worth your ticket.

Bear Grillz - Bass Country Cinco De Mayo 2019

While we don't have a lot of footage from this set, Bear Grillz absolutely kills anytime he takes the stage. Plus, how can you not love the stage name he's chosen? I give this 4 out of 5 synth hits.

Jicqui - Winter 2022 Bass Country February 2022

Just so you can get a taste of what you can expect in August, here's a set from the most recent Bass Country. Jicqui has incredible transitions and really makes the room move.

Phase One - Bass Country 4th Anniversary, July 2021

Last year's birthday bash was amazing, and set the tone for hopefully a huge blow out in August. Phase One brought their tour to Grand Rapids just in time to join the event, and everyone had a great time.

Now do you get why everyone loves Bass Country?

They're going big for the 5th Anniversary, which just had the full lineup released:

Bass Country / The Intersection
Bass Country / The Intersection

Good news - tickets go on sale soon. You can get tickets when they go on sale Friday, May 20th at 10am via the Intersection Box Office, or on their website.

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