It sounds cool, fancy camping (also known as glamping) up near Traverse City.  Their website says Bella Solviva is an eco-resort with an emphasis on comfy camping for the outdoor enthusiast who has an appetite for luxury.  Problem is, it doesn’t exist.

So what’s the big deal? For the past two years they’ve been taking reservations and portraying an image that they, in fact, do exist, and now the Better Business Bureau is warning people not to make reservations and if you have, know that they have no solid plans of getting the "glamp" ground built.

The BBB says that Brad and Sandy Carlson planned to raise $100,000 in crowdfunding to launch the facility.  They were only able to raise just under $3,000.  The couple is still asking for donations and offers “memberships” and “reservations” to help fund the project.

We have done everything humanly possible to bring this to fruition, including riding our own finances and lives into the ground.


Why then did we take reservations? With the overwhelming interest that came from media exposure, and in response to the 10,000 plus direct inquiries for information and reservations, our financial models showed that the project would self-fund with reservations and club memberships (advance usage purchase).


As opening dates were missed, over 50% of customers were refunded before funds ran dry.


Our desire is to continue to refund remaining deposits, as funds become available.


If you’ve booked with Bella Solviva and are having issues getting a refund, the BBB encourages you to file a complaint with them.

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