I was recently told about a Michigan law that it was illegal to swear in front of women and children. I couldn’t believe this was (still) a law and after a little searching Michigan State Laws online, I found that it was actually repealed in 2002; but there were a few other “crazy” laws still on the books here in Michigan.

Some crazy "MICHIGAN LAWS":

  • Apparently, ladies can’t cut their hair unless they have their husband’s permission to do so.
  • You can’t sell a car in Michigan on a Sunday; yes that’s still a law.
  • Adultery is illegal in the Mitten State, BUT the only way you get punished is if the affected spouse files a complaint.
  • Also, the last Sunday in June is “Log Cabin Day” – It’s the law.

A few crazy "CITY LAWS":

  • Detroit won’t let you destroy your old radio… that’s prohibited (I’m all for that one, haha)
  • Also if you live in Detroit, and you’re a man, you can’t scowl at your wife on the Lord’s day.
  • In Grand Haven, don’t throw your abandoned hoop skirt into the street or on a sidewalk… you’ll be fined $5 each time you do.  Who has hoop skirts anyway, and why do so many people throw them in the street in Grand Haven?
  •  In Rochester, all bathing suits had to be inspected by the chief of police. (this one may already be repealed, but I could see them bringing it back...maybe for pants though this time.)
  • And in Wayland, you can keep your cow on Main Street, downtown, if you need to, but it’ll cost you three cents a day.

I know, "ignorance is bliss"  and most of these laws aren't actively being enforced, but hey, they're still on the books, so now you've been warned.

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