Wow, I knew when I first wrote about the Brann’s Steakhouse flags honoring fallen police officers and military personnel being in violation of city ordinance, that we were going to be hearing more about it, but I really didn’t think it would go this far; all the way to Lansing.

According to WZZM 13, State Representative Jason Wentworth, R-Clare, introduced House Bill 6063 that would keep cities from passing ordinances that would prohibit commemorative signs.

WZZM reports the bill is quite specific mentioning signs for police, military, firefighters and medical first responders who die in the line of duty.  They also report the bill is now being looked at by the Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs.

If this bill passes, it would save Brann’s the $1,349 that a sign variance would cost the restaurant, although a GoFundMe account did already raise that money.

Safe to say, this story is still developing.

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