A lot is happening in our world right now and if you want to do your part to help out the Black community, that doesn't involve protesting, consider supporting our locally owned Black businesses.

First off, this isn't saying don't go to any of the other several great establishments in Grand Rapids but right now the country is fighting for equality for our Black neighbors and we can be a part of that change by helping elevate their voices, their work, and in this case... their food.

Secondly, this could be an opportunity to try out some new restaurants in Grand Rapids you haven't gotten around to yet. There's even a chance some places on this list you've already been to and probably had no idea it was Black-owned.

If there's any restaurants not on the list, please reach out so we can add it on here!

  • Boston Square Ice Cream & Cafe - 1553 Kalamazoo Ave. SE
  • Chez Olga - 1441 Wealthy St. SE
  • Chicken Coop - 1156 Division Ave
  • Creston Brewery - 1504 Plainfield Ave. NE
  • Daddy Pete's BBQ - 2201 Eastern Ave. SE
  • Forty Acres Soul Kitchen - 1059 Wealthy St. SE
  • GoJo Ethiopian Cuisine & Deli - 421 Northwood Ave. SE
  • Gursha Ethiopian Restaurant - 4301 Kalamazoo Ave. SE
  • Hall of Fame Burgers - 655 Eastern Ave. SE
  • Irie Kitchen - 6630 Kalamazoo Ave. SE
  • Jamaican Dave's - 530 Division Ave. S
  • Little Africa Ethiopian Cuisine - 956 Fulton St.
  • Load a Spud Potato Bar - 1721 Madison Ave SE
  • Malamiah Juice Bar - Studio Park Downtown
  • Mosby's Popcorn - 15 Ionia Ave. SW
  • LT's BBQ - 1636 Eastern Ave. SE
  • Southern Fish Fry - 1117 Wealthy St. SE
  • The Candied Yam - 2305 44th St. SE
  • The Honeybird - 1269 Madison Ave SE
  • Wing Heaven - 1500 44th St.

Click here for some other ways to help the Black Lives Matter movement.

With Gloom Comes Hope in Grand Rapids

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