Made up of Krayzie Bone and Bizzy Bone, Bone Thugs is an extension of the initial group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. The duo just teamed up with reggae sensation Stephen Marley to deliver their new song “Coming Home” which is set to be on their upcoming album. Listen to the track below.

Produced by Clifford Goilo and Avedon, Bone Thugs' new track speaks about the pressures of success and being blinded by it. As Stephen Marley provides a soulful chorus, Krayzie and Bizzy Bone rap about getting back to the basics of their Ohio roots and abandoning the celebrity lifestyle.

“Soon I’ll be coming home/Been around the world like a rolling stone/Seen the whole wide, through my own eyes,” Krayzie Bone spits on the opening verse. “It’s been a long time coming/A million miles and still running/Trying to find my way back/To my roots where the truth still lay at/And I say that I’m trying to go home, take me somewhere that/ My mind mode is on free/And my time zone is on freeze/I’ma need a little time to get myself together.”

This record is the first single off of Bone Thugs forthcoming album New Waves which is set to drop this summer. “We love the process of making music so this wasn’t a hard album for us to make,” says Bizzy. “We have so much history with not only eOne Music, but with eOne Music President Alan Grunblatt.”

Check out the new song below.

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