Busta Rhymes has been hit with a lawsuit by promoters who claimed that the rap vet allegedly finessed them so he could back out of a scheduled concert performance.

Promotions company 800 Entertainment filed their complaint in state civil court in Manhattan on Friday (May 18). In the suit, the promoters claim the rapper was paid $17,000 to perform at their April 21 event but two weeks before his scheduled appearance he canceled.

According to the suit (via Page Six), Busta told the promoters that he “couldn’t make the event because he had to be in court that day to answer a child-support warrant.” But they didn’t believe him because the concert was scheduled on a Saturday and federal courts are not opened on the weekends.

The promoters did some more detective work and discovered Bussa-Buss was allegedly promoting another concert on his Instagram page that was scheduled on April 21 -- the same day as their event.

Although Busta repaid 800 Entertainment their $17,000, the company claims that he owes them $100,000 for breach of contract, $500,000 for lost revenue, $500,000 for emotional distress and $1 million for “punitive damages" for purposely breaking the contract. All total, 800 Entertainment is seeking $2.1 million in monetary damages.

Reps for Busta Rhymes had no comment on the matter.

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