A teenage Beyonce fan who spent most of the last year battling cancer has found her halo, just days after she shared a beautiful FaceTime conversation with Queen Bey, herself.

Ebony Banks, a high school senior from Houston who was undergoing treatment for Stage Four cancer, died Sunday night (March 26), according to Click2Houstonand was honored with a candlelight vigil at Hastings High School. She'd previously said her biggest wish was to meet her idol, Beyonce, and thanks to a huge effort from friends, the call finally happened last Wednesday (March 22).

Bolstered by supportive efforts from the Beyhive, Banks' classmates moved to get Bey's attention with a #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE hashtag. Finally, Beyonce caught on to the movement, and after calling Banks, the ladies exchanged "I love you"s and laughs. Banks said the moment was one of the best of her life.

“She’s like my everything and my idol,” Banks told local station KHOU. “And if I ever met her, I would probably pass out.”

Banks was the single honoree of a special graduation ceremony on March 16. She had been accepted to college, according to Us Weekly, and was looking to become a pediatric nurse so that she could help other young people who were fighting cancer.

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