A case of chicken pox has been confirmed at a West Ottawa elementary school.

WZZM 13 reports that the unvaccinated student attends Waukazoo Elementary.

According to The Holland Sentinel, it's the second case of chicken pox in an Ottawa County School this fall.

The Ottawa Department of Public Health learned about the case at Waukazoo Elementary. Wednesday, Oct. 17.

The department ordered that any students at who have not been immunized (and a parent can't provide a verification the child has had chicken pox before) should not return to school until November 2, 2018.

Parent's learned of this in a letter, which also said,

All individuals diagnosed with chickenpox should be kept home until the rash has crusted over (usually about five days)."

The letter notes that if parents have been told their child should not receive the vaccine due to a medical condition, they should contact a doctor if their child is exposed.

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