Ciara has found herself knee deep in slander after she posted a video on Twitter about “Girlfriend Vs. Married Woman.”

The video above features a pastor talking about women’s frustrations with being single. He appears to suggest that single women must present themselves worthy enough to be married before they can be chosen by a man.

After Ciara posted the tweet, she drew the ire of fans on Twitter who felt the R&B singer -- who is happily married to NFL quarterback Russell Wilson -- wasn’t qualified to tell any woman how to go from girlfriend status to marital status.

Many fans cited her failed relationship with Future as a reason why she should keep quiet. However, some people supported Ciara’s advice for women to never settle and to level up in order to find the right man.

"Ciara ain’t did shit but post the video and said level up [and] don’t settle. Y’all are so weird," tweeted one fan.

But People reporter Char "CiCi" Adams didn't like Ciara's tweet at all. She wrote: "At the root of this whole Ciara thing is that she believes marriage is the be all, end all of integrity, purity, etc. She believes it’s the ultimate goal in life. And that’s sad. That’s really, really sad. She’s just as lost now as she was when she was with Future."

Read people's reactions to Ciara's tweet below.

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