You should never drink and drive but beware because the long arm of the law are patrolling heavy July 1st through the July 4th holiday weekend.

According to WZZM, you better be driving sober this 4th holiday because the law will be handing out hefty tickets or some time in the clink.

Pretty much the whole gambit of officers from sheriff, local police and Michigan State Police will all be on the hunt for drivers celebrating impaired behind the wheel. So make sure you have a designated driver, Uber, Lyft, taxi or just stay home if you have been drinking.

With the heavy police presence make sure and make arraignments for travel if there is drinking involved. This is a zero tolerance campaign designed to inform the public that drinking and driving can be completely prevented and save lives.

Police in all departments all across the state will be patrolling hard July 1-14 so don't take any chances.

Police are not just looking for drunk drivers but also drivers under the influence of drugs including marijuana. If officers find that you have a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher...its gonna cost you and you may spend sometime behind bars. With zero tolerance there will be no take that as your warning.

Be safe!

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